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Virtual Campus Workshops

Nature Inspired Design Charrettes

Shelter is one of the basic human needs. It reflects culture, society and environment. It provides a space to live, work and play. The design response to this need is as varied as the diverse thinkers that interpret the design challenge.  

This sequence of workshops will introduce you to the fundamentals of architecture, structures, materials, forms and spaces. We’ll play with scale and proportion as we experiment with arrangement and composition of architectural elements. Drawing design inspiration from nature (blooming flowers, shells, spider webs, hurricanes, honey combs, etc.), we’ll walk you through the engineering design process.

Our 4-day workshops will be hosted online using a teleconferencing platform. Students will be inspired daily to continue working on their projects and come back ready for more in-person peer collaboration. In addition to S.T.E.A.M., drawing, designing and rapid prototyping skills will be developed.

Recreational vehicle


Commissioned by a modern nomad family of four, you will design the ultimate recreational vehicle! The family enjoys a life of travel with minimal belongings, schooling on the road and working remotely. The R.V. will be configured to address functional needs such as arrangement and sequence of different spaces relatively to one another, good lighting and circulation, multipurpose and convertible furniture.

Age: 8 - 13yrs
Dates & Times:

Monday, 6 July 2020:10-11am PDT (5-6pmGMT)
Tuesday, 7 July 2020:10-11am PDT (5-6pmGMT)
Wednesday, 8 July 2020:10-11am PDT (5-6pmGMT)
Thursday, 9 July 2020:10-11am PDT (5-6pmGMT)


The Space Pod design charrette will be a visioning exercise, where we imagine our future shelter in outer space. Inspired by advancements in neighborhood regenerative resiliency, we will be proposing self sustainable pods that will meet day to day needs in our new environment. The Space Pod will be designed using whole systems thinking.

Age: 8 - 13yrs
Dates & Times:

Monday, 13 July 2020: 10-11am PDT (5-6pmGMT)
Tuesday, 14 July 2020 :10-11am PDT (5-6pmGMT)
Wednesday,15 July 2020:10-11amPDT (5-6pmGMT)
Thursday, 16 July 2020:10-11am PDT (5-6pmGMT)

Sub - Marine

To support marine scientists living for an extended period of time underwater while researching, a Sub-Marine Habitat will be designed. It will act primarily as a marine research station and as an underwater community. It will explore the possibility of sub-marine habitats of the future. Design considerations will refer to concepts of neighbourhoods/communities and meet ambitious marine sustainability goals.

Age: 8 - 13yrs
Dates & Times:

Monday, 20 July 2020 :10-11am PDT (5-6pmGMT)
Tuesday, 21 July 2020 :10-11am PDT (5-6pmGMT)
Wednesday,22 July 2020:10-11amPDT (5-6pmGMT)
Thursday, 23 July 2020 :10-11am PDT (5-6pmGMT)

How our virtual campus works:

- Workshops will be conducted via third party platforms: Zoom and Google suite.
- Before the workshop, a detailed list of materials and class invitation will be sent.
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