Join the adventures of four ingenious siblings traveling around the world
from their little island in the Caribbean to the exotic Middle East and beyond.
They're on a quest to become great technology pioneers of the future.


Hands on building and experimentation is my passion!


I use creativity
to improve life with new creations!


I love exploring engineering to ideate something that doesn't yet exist!


Mathematics helps me discover new solutions!

We love creating, making, building and inventing!
On our travels we unlock mysteries of the past to help shape the future with new inventions.
Join us in exploring some of the most intriguing historical inventions that have influenced technologies of our modern world.

With us you will:

Reengineer age old inventions!

Understand S.T.E.A.M. through hands-on building!

Reverse engineer!

Build on concepts learnt!

Learn from extraordinary innovators!

Explore world cultures!

Challenge your inner innovator!

Design your own original inventions!